The Board

The Board of Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation consists of:

- Chairwoman: Jeannet Diteweg

- Treasurer: Jan Schouw

- Secretary: Anne van den Brink

- Volunteers: Jan Post, Ans Post, Marcel Wielenga

The directors of the foundation are appointed for a 5 year period and receive no reward or fee for their activities. The Board of the Foundation meets at least twice a year to discuss strategy, activities, allocation of tasks, etc. 

The activities of  the  Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation’s Board  include:

- Contact with donors, sponsors and other partners

- Advising Nepalese contacts

- Defining strategies concerning the use and allocation of money and goods

- Contact with Nepal to promote the objectives

- Management of the website and social media channels

- The acquisition of name recognition  through communication and other manners of expression

- Organizing sponsor activities and/or events

- Financial management of the foundation

The Board of the foundation concludes every financial year (calendar year) with an annual report  which accounts for the policy pursued and which also includes the annual accounts and the budget.

You can download the policy plan here: def.beleidsplan Ton Memorial School.docx

Organization: Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation  has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 9 November 2018 under number: 73065803.  

The foundation has an ANBI status. RSIN 8593 40 764

- Postal address: Korenschoofstraat 101, 3513 DE Utrecht

- Website:

- E-mail:

Bank account number: NL54ABNA0840364423 in the name of Stichting Ton Memorial School Sailung in Utrecht. 


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An ANBI has a number of tax benefits:

ANBI donors can deduct their gifts from their income tax or corporation tax. (tax-payers in the Netherlands)

To be eligible for tax deduction of regular gifts, the donor and ANBI have to define the gift in an agreement.  

An ANBI does not pay inheritance tax or donation tax for inheritances and donations which are used by the institution for the public interest.

When an ANBI makes contributions for the public interest, the beneficiary does not have to pay donation tax. 

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