Good education

A school was set up by the residents. This enables children from the area to have access to good education. Now about 40 children attend the school established by Krishna Shresta. Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation would like as many children from the Sailung area as possible to have access to the quality education offered at Krishna’s school. There is also the wish to teach adults in Sailung how to read and write. The school building is actually a shed made of corrugated iron, without heating or other facilities. 

Ton Memorial School Sailung Foundation wants to take care of the following in order to promote good education and maintenance of the school:

- Facilitating the building of a suitable schoolhouse 

- Acquiring teaching materials

- Hiring qualified teachers, with an appropriate salary and possible lodging

- Supporting self-sufficiency and independence of the school, including teaching materials, teaching staff and the upkeep of the building


Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling

There is a lot of interest in the new building

Off to a good start